Lioness Did The Most UNEXPECTED Thing After Spotting A Helpless Baby Fox

Most of us are extremely scared of wild animals, especially lions. Obviously, who wouldn't be afraid of these powerful predators that track down their prey and kill in no time. So, the worst was expected when an injured bat-eared fox in Botswana's Central Kalahari Game Reserve encountered a lioness.

Lioness noticed the injured fox on a dirt road. The terrified fox almost froze in fear.

They were further spotted by a male lion who was hungry. He was delighted to have found an easy meal.

The poor fox lost all hopes. Things were expected to take the worse turn.

The lion finally came forward and... just when he was about to begin killing..

...the lioness came to the rescue surprisingly. She was quite protective of her newly found friend.

So, the lioness pushed the lion away. 

She made sure the lion doesn't touch her little friend.

Unbelievably, the visibly disheartened male lion left the fox.

Even, the lioness continued caring for her babies.
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